Dancing for Mental Health

How Healthy Dancing is For At Risk Youth

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learn how dancing is mental health's dreamDance is one of the healthiest sources of entertainment. Dancing not only keeps you fit but it also sharpens your creative acumen. Young children, men, and women have a great impact on their personalities if they include the dance in their daily routines. They grow up to become individuals with great confidence and self-esteem. It is clinically proven that children and youngsters who are actively involved in dancing and performing arts are at a lower risk of developing any health issues. And for the youth who are already at high risk; there is no better alternative than dancing. Let’s have a closer look at some of the health benefits of dancing for youth in the high-risk zone.

General Physical Well Being

Dancing has several direct benefits to health. People from all age groups can embrace dancing for being at the prime of their health. However, starting when you are still young has amazing benefits. Dancing enables the overall conditioning of your body and hence is the best form of exercise coupled with a great amount of entertainment. Below are some physical benefits of dancing

  • Improves the condition of hearts and lungs
  • Improves cardiovascular endurance
  • Improves agility and reflexes
  • Improves the overall coordination of the body
  • It improves spatial awareness.


The above are only a few of the other numerous health benefits of dancing. Let’s look at some other aspects where dancing is equally benefiting.

Improves Creativity and Mental Well Being

Dancing empowers a child and the youth to express their creativity through dance. A youth’s mind is full of crazy ideas and dancing can act as a medium to let it all come out freely. As such, letting your child express themselves freely and openly through dance is extremely good for their mental conditioning. Regular dancing inculcates a habit of creativity and free expression of the same wherever they go. This implies they grow up to become individuals with amazing minds full of crazy creative ideas. Not only that, they get to socialize in dance groups which are a great way of venting out their stress and overcoming anxieties and early signs of depression.

Improves Overall Muscle Use

Your body has an average of 642 muscles. Someone who dances regularly definitely would understand the limits and the capabilities of their body than someone who has never danced. That’s because dancing demands the use of all your body muscles in some of the other moves. Dancing thus helps in understanding one’s body limits and how much they can push themselves and to what extent. Knowing their limits can help the youth jump into adventures and activities that can nurture them and prepare them for later stages of lives. This helps the youth in knowing what they are capable of doing physically. As such a regular dancer will be more prepared for real-life situations where extreme physical strength and endurance are required. Thus developing a sense of bravery and fearlessness in them.

Boosts Self Confidence & Self-Esteem

Studies have shown a massive improvement in the confidence levels of children and youth who are regularly attending dance classes or a part of any dance group. Dance empowers the youth with the confidence that they need to face the world in the form of an audience. Dancing not only improves the confidence levels, but it also improves other essential skills such as interpersonal skills, effective communication and other skills such as team-building and coordination. Dance is the best solution for youngsters with low-self esteem. Today, dancing and expressing their talents in front of smaller audiences can perhaps translate into giving a well-spoken success speech in front of a houseful of a cheering audience. Dancing as such is way more beneficial than we thought. Read on to find out more.

artistic dancing can help your psychologyImproves Mental Abilities

Scientifically dancing has an amazing effect on the brain. While the music helps in stimulating the brain’s reward centres, the dancing activates the motor and sensory circuits. The activities that involve in a dance preparation and rehearsal demands a lot of mind-body coordination. The youth is in their early life stages can easily grasp the movements and learn them in no time. Learning these repetitive dance movements and mastering them trains the young minds in the same manner when learning and grasping other information. As such, dancing leads to well developed and well-trained minds, that can easily grasp and hold information. This implies the youth develop stronger minds that are always ready to grasp and learn whatever comes their way. Thereby, keeping them ready to take life as it comes.

Imbibes Patience, Perseverance and Self-Motivation

Lessons learned in their dance classes by the youngsters can be applied in all spheres and walks if their later lives. Dancing is an art form that is not learned or mastered in a day. Immense patience and hard work are required to master the art of dancing. Moreover, consistency is key. One cannot learn to dance if one fine day, they just walk out and away. They have to display a very high degree of persistence and perseverance to master dancing. As such dancing requires and subsequently imbibes all of these rare qualities in the youth who take up dancing. These qualities not only enable them to become good dancers on the dance floor but also the stage of life when they dance to the tune of life in all their glory.

Final Verdict; Dancing is the best alternative

Looking at all the amazing benefits of dancing, we find dancing to be better than therapy for youth-at-risk. There is no other alternative that blends all aspects of fun, fitness, and so many other things so seamlessly and easily. Whether it is health ailments, mental depression, and anxiety or low self-esteem, dancing is easily the panacea of all problems. So, if you are still in two minds to embrace dancing for your children and youngsters, you are still losing out. Let them choose to dance over sedentary computer lessons. Let them dance their hearts and souls out. One Life. Let them live it the best way.

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