Acme Hemp Labs – Hemp Cigars ON FIRE!

Acme Hemp Labs – Hemp Cigars ON FIRE!

Hemp Cigars Are Finally a Thing Online!!

Ash Abstracts has the front row view of the up and coming in many types of health based companies. Although one could probably never say there is a “healthy” smoking experience, but I’d say were getting closer with hemp. Hemp and high CBD products have shown some miracles of healing when people finally get to try them.

Healthy Hemp Cigars?

But lets get to the goodies. What exactly is a hemp cigar and why would anyone want to smoke one? Good point. As kids (if you’re old enough) you may remember trying to smoke the plant flowers that grew in the ditch only to be completely disappointed! Well now days these plants have been manipulated (not Monsanto manipulate mind you!) to be upwards to 20%+ CBD and smell like the finest marijuana flowers, the type you would buy from a dispensary. Many people didn’t believe these were only hemp and completely illegal throughout the United States (Federally speaking). Of course the major issue still with shipping is that there are a few, lets say “slow” states that are making it still a state crime to ship or use hemp products.

Are Hemp Cigars a REAL Thing?

I’m sure they’ll eventually fall in line but for the moment most of the United States will be able to purchase hemp cigars, completely hand rolled with the hemp leaf around the high CBD buds ONLINE. This is HUGE for those who like to smoke but who absolutely HATE cigars and tobacco. It’s a new leaf being turned over so to say for a new industry of cigar based products. This same company was the very FIRST inventors of what is now being touted as Cannagars, but they were the ones who first applied a patent on their rolling process of what they call Magars (a 100% marijuana cigar – rolled the same way as hemp cigars).

The world is changing and for the better we believe here at Ash Abstracts!

Keep being healthy, keep choosing for a better planet. Here we see it happening right now in front of our eyes!

If you want to learn how to order yourself a hemp cigar online then just visit Acme Hemp Labs.

If you want more information on a 100% marijuana cigar then visit Acme 420. (They can not ship Marijuana Cigars mind you!).

Legality of Hemp Cigars

There are several things that have happened over the last year. The hemp farm bill passed the senate / house and become federal law that anything below 0.3% THC is legal to sell throughout the United States and because of that the hemp cigars fall into that category! They are also sent the reference numbers from the farms where the hemp was grown with the Colorado State Agriculture Department stamp of approval on it! Thusly you will never have an issue ordering these amazing pieces of smoking technology.

In closing we’re also looking forward to the huge boom in employee such a product will create, and instead of those in the southern Americas reaping the benefit, Acme Hemp Labs is dedicated to buying and hiring American(s). Great things in health, entertainment and economics abounds by allowing such a bill pass. Amazing!

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