Raising Consciousness Using the Lifevessel

Raising Consciousness Using the Lifevessel

Raising our consciousness with sound and light using the Lifevessel

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan in a blue-collar home with hard working parents.  I worked in Automotive after high school and until I left Michigan at the age of 27. I never imagined how the journey would end up and I am fascinated by all that I have experienced and learned along the way.

Seventeen years ago, I was introduced to a sound and light chamber called Life Vessel…

And that launched a whole new journey to explore how sound and light can affect the body and soul.  Physical healing happened, that seemed to be the easy part, emotional healing happened and that was tougher to deal with and process.  Then the spiritual healing happened.  Certainly, all can happen at once on some level; however, I believe we heal in layers.  We don’t get unhealthy, sick or jaded all at once from trauma.  It’s in layers too.  This type of healing is not for people looking for a quick fix.  It’s a process, not an event!

The more we heal physically and emotionally the more we can heal spiritually and raise our consciousness.  Maybe that’s not your goal to have a calm, peaceful life.  No drama, things just flow and life is easy.  If not, please stop reading and go on to doing something else.  The definition of life for me is to LET IT FLOW EFFORTLESSLY, get it?  L.I.F.E.

I have gone from using the Life Vessel to work on physical ailments

…and probably some emotional stuff, to the Energy Genesis to work on physical and deeper emotional issues that the Life Vessel never touched. Now I use the Harmonic Egg chamber that uses sound and light in a huge wooden, sacred geometry egg. The Harmonic Egg seems to be hitting the deepest level of healing I have ever experienced.

In a recent conversation with a friend of mine, he said “If you see problems in the world there is more work to be done on self…only love is real.”  That really hit home with me and I probably would not have been able to hear that until recently.  Wrong on a spiritual level is not really wrong, all is perfect.  There are no accidents or coincidences. I believe the healing I am doing now is Mind, Body and Spirit and the culmination is the perfect balance for a LIFEvessel that is easy, calm and peaceful. I still see wrong so I know I am still a work in progress, but I am grateful for the journey and what is to come. Excited to see what’s next!

Discover how the Lifevessel can work for you!

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Use to be called the Life Vessel of the Rockies. But the Life Vessel of the Rockies is now the Lifecenter!

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